Back In Time When We Started

22 June 2013

TEDxSUST Organizers 1st Meeting

This was the first meeting 21-3-2013  looking back in time to where we are now we are so happy that the event created the momentum for change.
The first meeting was held at 24/3/2013, started 16:15 in a class room in the southern campus of Sudan University of science and technology, only 14 people attended the meeting including Yahia Mohammed Alamin, the license holder.

Without any clue how to make this happen, the first meeting had to be an introduction by the license holder about TED & TEDx events, most of the attendees had the basic informations about TEDx events, also Eng.Mohamed Ahmed Abdulkareem was very informative about the general rules, teams and the role of each team, attendees were given a chance to think about the team they want to work in.
Attendees of the first meeting:
Azza Ahmed
Elaf Algadi
Rafa Alnour
Rawan Aldaw
Ruaa Siddiq
Ruaa Majzoub
Tasneem Siddiq
Heba Salih
Alaa Sabir
Amro Alsadig
Mohamed Ahmed
Wadah Omer
Waleed Wadessa
Yahia Mohamed


all of them introduced them selves, new faces became familiar ones If I could describe the first 16 volunteers in the first meeting, I’d say lost, worried, alittle bit afraid but hoping for the best!
The corner stone of TEDx sust was laid firmly to form a foundation upon which we will build..